Box Of Monkeys

Album- Box Of Monkeys (2009).This album covers several genres. It didn't start out that way, it was just the material I was working on at the time. I had every intention of 'pigeon holing' them into separate projects, but listening to the final mixes together, they just sort of worked, so that's how it stayed. 'Lights' is about how we act or react to each other in different circumstances; 'How Great' looks at the whole 'ass kissing' corporate ladder thing and the difference between the perception of greatness and what it really is; 'Rain' is straight forward blues 'cant live without you' song; 'Australia' is a snapshot of convicts being transported in that direction; 'Lies' looks at the everyday 'fact' culture ; 'Monkeys' is a political swipe at our dearly elected; 'Armistice Day' questions whether we do actually learn anything from the past; 'Sitting Down' was written at sea where one day pretty much rolled into the next without anybody noticing; 'Thunder' looks at the press and its selective output; 'Late Night Radio' is about exactly that and the warm cosy bubble it generates. Hope you enjoy listening.

1: When The Lights Go Out
2: How Great
3: Rain In The Morning
4: Australia
5: How Many More Lies
6: Box Of Monkeys
7: Armistice Day
8: Sitting Down Watching
9: Somebody Elses Thunder
10: Late Night Radio