The thing is, I never really know what to say in these sections. I have noticed however, that other people use the 'third person' approach, so here goes...John Evans is a good bloke who loves to play guitar and write songs... is that any good? I suppose I could throw in some quotes for good measure..."makes a great dovetail joint" (The Woodworker june 97), "always cleans up after his dog" (puppy weekly Sept 04), "He still owes me a fiver" (anon).
I suppose that what I'm trying to say is that it doesn't really matter where I was born or what my hobbies are. All I'm asking is that you listen to the songs with an open mind and if you don't like them, then thanks for your time. If you do, (and you know some big wig in the music biz, then please run off and tell him/her right now!) then get in touch, I'd love to hear what you think.
Well, that's about it....oh, by the way, I'm into naked stamp collecting and the history of flavoured jelly!.

John Evans