New Bow Tie

Tracks- new bow tie
calling out
school yard blues
prbably so
silver bullets
one day in winter
before the sun
save the day

I quite like the way these songs sit together, almost as if I'd planned it! I recorded a few of them by going back to a guitar and a couple of mikes to see if I could create a sort of intimate sound and then adding to that if required (it's easy to throw everything you've got at a song, only to find that the first ,raw take was the best). One day in winter and Pirates were written for Gemma and Mark when they were both young (trust me it's a dad thing) and school yard blues goes back to my folk club days (Play The Wild Rover!!!) where it used to go down well as far as I can remember (Ok, Ok......the wild rover it is then...being as you asked so nicely!). Thanks also to Matty and Josh for whooping during the middle 8. Other than that, the songs were all new at the time and I must admit, I rather like them.

1: New Bow Tie
2: Calling Out
3: Probably So