The Somme
The Somme

Soon the silence of the guns
Gave way to frantic activity
A steady walk boys, no-one runs
There'll be no enemy left to see
Take a stroll as if it's Sunday
Take the air
History will mark this one day
And we'll be there

Through the smoke and through the dust
We kept the line as we covered ground
Then one man turned and one man cussed
As came that all too familiar sound
The rhapsody of Satan's laughter
In our ears
Then bullets found what they were after
No time for tears

Tell the daughters, tell the wives
Tell the world what went on this day
Twenty thousand wasted lives
An army thrown into disarray
No time to grieve, no time for sorrow
Close your eyes
We'll do it all again tomorrow
Death and lies
Lyrics Credits: John Evans
Music Credits: John Evans
Producer Credits: John Evans
Performance Credits: John Evans
Story Behind the Song:
From the album 'Chums'. The first battle of the Somme. Harry, Billy Boy and Charlie face the horror and stark reality of war.
Song Length: 6:16
Primary Genre: Folk-General
Secondary Genre: Folk-Traditional