Thunder In The Distance
Thunder In The Distance

There's thunder in the distance Harry
Trouble's going to find us all
Looks like we'll have to face it Billy
With courage, fortitude and gall
We stood up to the schoolyard bullies
Three of us there side by side
Fought together, took the punches
Not one thought to run and hide

And we're all together now
Inseparable we three
We'll give the Hun a bloody nose
Just you wait and see
And we're all together now
Just how it should be
And we'll be home by Christmas Martha
Harry, Billy Boy and Me

We weren't half bad at playing football
Till Harry punched the referee
And as he left the field that morning
So we followed, Bill and Me
Now Harry's uncle worked the trawlers
Got us all a job for sure
Rolling, retching on the ocean
Thank God we've got a war

Now just this year I married Martha
With smiling eyes she said to me
I love you most of all my Charlie
But I feel I've wed all three
All lined up outside the chapel
Linked together, man and bride
With my old Dad and Martha's mother
And a best man either side
Lyrics Credits: John Evans
Music Credits: John Evans
Producer Credits: John Evans
Performance Credits: John Evans
Short Song Description:
From the album 'Chums'. 3 friends at the start of the first world war,full of adventure, optimism and bravado.
Story Behind the Song:
From the album 'Chums'. 3 friends at the start of the first world war, adventure, optimism and bravado.
Song Length: 4:20
Primary Genre: Folk-General
Secondary Genre: Folk-Traditional