Red Clouds Diner
I felt the warmth on my face
As the sun rose over the rooftops
Recalling long pointed shadows
From the middle of the street
Someone turned a lock
Someone opened a window
Startled crows flew off onto the heat

And slowly one by one
The doors began to open
Shiny chairs and tables
Placed outside
God I need some sleep
I've never felt so hungry
Heard a woman's voice say wont you step inside

I'm right here in Red Cloud's dine
I'm checking my change with the price on the wall
It all looks so good, I swear I could eat it all
She tells me a tale while I'm eating
And I get the feeling she's known me before
And better that me, she knows just where I'm heading for

I woke up cold and confused
With the air con gently rattling
The sound of busy traffic from below
I seemed to know the way
I knew where I was heading
She told me which direction I should take

I'm heading south for a while
From Montana to Wyoming
Down that trail the army tried to tame
I thought I'd say goodbye
I looked for Red Cloud's diner
Seems there's never been one of that name
Lyrics Credits: John Evans
Music Credits: John Evans
Producer Credits: John Evans
Performance Credits: John Evans
Short Song Description:
track 4 of concept album Eagle
Song Length: 5:38
Primary Genre: Folk-Rock
Secondary Genre: -