Don't strain your eyes boys
Nothing there to see
The sun's stop shining boys
For the likes of you and me
Some say the gallows
Was a better place to be
And we'll be lucky if we live to see Australia

Young Davey Lacey
Chained up next to me
Known him since when he was
Upon his Mama's knee
Got into drinking
And wretched company
And he'll be lucky if he lives to see Australia

And you're so far behind me now
My heart is breaking
Like the waves across the bow

Don't fear the journey boys
Don't fear the raging sea
Don't fear the shackles boys
The crew are no more free
If we should flounder boys
We'll all have company
And we'll be lucky if we live to see Austalia
Lyrics Credits: John Evans
Music Credits: John Evans
Producer Credits: John Evans
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: John Evans
Label Credits:
Short Song Description:
Deportation to Australia
Long Song Description:
Deportation to Australia
Story Behind the Song:
It started with the riff and the words just followed, it just had that sort of feeling about it.
Song Length: 3:30
Primary Genre: Folk-General
Secondary Genre: Folk-Traditional
Tempo: Floating
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later